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I graduated as an architect. Studied architecture for two years in Belgium, and four years in Scotland. After I graduated, I moved to Chicago where my career began.

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I make photographs of my daughters and when people compliment me, I tell them it is the subjects that are beautiful. I am only capturing that pure beauty.

Over the years I have honed some basic skills, and they help me to make a little better than average shots.

If you would like to see some of my photographs, check out my two main galleries on Smugmug and also Picasaweb.

The correct pronounciation of my last name is difficult, almost impossible to do, for native English speaking people.

When a sales person calls me, they need to address me by my last name. When they then try to start with “Mr. ¬†Stienhu….” … I tell them quickly: Just call me Tom.

It became a natural things to say.

I new about marketing that your own name is a powerful tool. But would always have to be spelled. I do like my first name very much – so that is how “” was born.

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